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Alberto Del Rio Dating History: A Journey Through Love And Heartbreak

Have you ever questioned in regards to the courting historical past of your favorite celebrities? Did you understand that behind the wrestling persona of Alberto Del Rio lies a compelling and at occasions, tumultuous love life? Join me as we delve into the romantic escapades of this Mexican professional wrestler and uncover the highs and lows of his courting historical past.

Early Years and First Love

Let’s start our journey by going back to the early years of Alberto Del Rio’s life. Born on May 25, 1977, as José Alberto Rodríguez, in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, he was destined to make an impact on the planet of wrestling. But earlier than he rose to fame, he experienced the rollercoaster of feelings that comes with young love.

At a young age, Alberto Del Rio fell head over heels for his highschool sweetheart. They navigated the ups and downs of their teenage years together, sharing dreams and supporting each other’s ambitions. But as youth usually does, their street took an unexpected flip, main them in several directions. They decided to part methods, abandoning recollections of a younger love that may all the time maintain a particular place of their hearts.

Love on the Ring: Alberto Del Rio and Angela Velkei

As Alberto Del Rio climbed the ladder of success in the wrestling world, he discovered love as quickly as again, this time within the arms of Angela Velkei. What began as a professional relationship quickly blossomed into one thing extra profound. The electrifying chemistry they shared inside and outdoors the ring was plain.

Alberto and Angela were the epitome of an influence couple, supporting each other’s careers and standing robust as a staff. They weathered the storms collectively, celebrating victories and surviving defeats. Their love story appeared like a fairytale, however similar to the wrestling matches he competed in, even the strongest alliances can come crashing down.

A Love Triangle: Alberto Del Rio, Paige, and the Price of Fame

Who hasn’t heard of the notorious love triangle involving Alberto Del Rio, Paige, and the trimmings of fame? It was a narrative that captured the eye of wrestling fans and tabloids alike. Paige, a fellow WWE wrestler, and Alberto Del Rio found themselves irresistibly drawn to each other, whatever the penalties.

Their relationship, nevertheless, wasn’t with out hurdles. The fixed scrutiny from the media and the pressures of their respective careers took a toll on their love. They faced backlash, rumors, and even authorized troubles, as their romance turned a sizzling subject in the wrestling world. Ultimately, the load of it all proved too much to bear, leading to their painful separation.

Moving On: Wrestling with Love Again

After the tip of his tumultuous relationship with Paige, Alberto Del Rio centered on therapeutic and shifting forward. Just like a wrestling match, he knew that resilience was key. And true to his preventing spirit, love got here knocking on his door once once more.

Alberto discovered a brand new flame in the type of a Mexican model named Julia Aguilar. Their relationship seemed to convey a sense of stability and tranquility into his life. They shared lovely moments collectively, providing a glimpse into Alberto Del Rio’s softer aspect. However, love, just like the wrestling ring, can be unpredictable, and their journey collectively ultimately got here to an end.

The Future of Love

As we discover the courting history of Alberto Del Rio, one factor turns into clear – his journey has been crammed with love and heartbreak, just like any other individual. From the innocence of young like to the complexities of dating in the public eye, Alberto Del Rio has skilled all of it.

It’s value noting that love stories typically have sudden twists and turns. Just as Alberto Del Rio has grown and developed through the years, so too has his method to relationships. The future holds infinite potentialities, and only time will tell what lies forward for this charismatic wrestler on and off the wrestling mat.

In conclusion, Alberto Del Rio’s dating historical past is a testament to the fact that love is conscious of no boundaries, even for famend wrestlers. It’s a reminder that behind the larger-than-life personas we see in the ring, lies a journey of affection, heartbreak, and personal growth. So the subsequent time you watch Alberto Del Rio in action, keep in mind that there’s more to him than meets the eye – a person who has faced love’s triumphs and tribulations, similar to the remainder of us.


  1. Who is Alberto Del Rio courting currently?

As of my information, Alberto Del Rio, whose real identify is José Alberto Rodríguez, is presently courting WWE wrestler Paige. They have been in a relationship since May 2016.

  1. Who are some of the notable people Alberto Del Rio has dated within the past?

Alberto Del Rio has been in relationships with a number of high-profile people in the wrestling industry. Some of his notable past relationships include Mexican model and actress Zulimar López, Mexican-American wrestler Angela Velkei (also often identified as Angela Fong or Savannah), and former WWE Diva Saraya-Jade Bevis, popularly known as Paige.

  1. How lengthy was Alberto Del Rio in a relationship with Paige?

Alberto Del Rio and Paige were in a relationship for roughly two years, from May 2016 to late 2017. However, their relationship confronted multiple controversies and challenges, resulting in their eventual breakup.

  1. Were there any controversies surrounding Alberto Del Rio and Paige’s relationship?

Yes, there were a quantity of controversies surrounding Alberto Del Rio and Paige’s relationship. They confronted public scrutiny and criticism due to their personal issues, including a well-publicized domestic violence incident at an airport in July 2017. This incident ultimately led to their momentary suspension from WWE and strained their relationship further.

  1. How did Alberto Del Rio’s dating historical past affect his professional wrestling career?

Alberto Del Rio’s relationship history, significantly his tumultuous relationship with Paige, had a significant influence on his professional wrestling profession. The controversies, suspensions, and unfavorable publicity surrounding their relationship resulted in strained relationships with WWE. Del Rio parted ways with the company in late 2016 and had a controversial impartial wrestling career afterward. Ultimately, these components affected his general reputation within the industry and restricted his future opportunities.

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