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Glee: Cast’s Real-Life Friendships

That night, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, and Finn go to «Callbacks» a local piano bar for NYADA students. Kurt comments on Blaine seeming a bit off, but Blaine dismisses the comment, blaming it on a long flight. After Brody and Rachel’s performance, Blaine says he wants to sing something. Blaine performs the acoustic version of Teenage Dream saying that this was the song he sang when he first met the love of his life. It is finally revealed during their walk in the park that Blaine was with someone. He said it didn’t mean anything, and that he was just lonely and it was only a hookup.

– 80 of 98 Works in Minor Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce

I find it really interesting that you say that bc I think it s so clearly the opposite. Blaine is so clearly in love with Kurt and says so and shows it constantly while Kurt has intimacy issues and has trouble showing his love you Blaine that way. Blaine humiliate him in front the glee afro romance club and we all know Sebastian probably didn’t text innocent stuff to Blaine either. Its not because of the flirting, it’s because «He’s giving me something Blaine is not». He was actively searching out someone to fill what he perceived as a gaping his and Blaine’s relationship.

Does the cast in Glee actually sing?

Blaine also reminds Kurt of their holiday tradition, their Christmas duet. At the end of the song, Blaine and Kurt share loving and uncertain looks. He then whispers, «Kurt, I love you so much,» and Kurt, now crying, tells Blaine that he loves him, too.

Later, back at Dalton Academy, Kurt is seen drawing a valentine heart that encircles «Blaine + Kurt» when Blaine approaches him and tells Kurt that he has called an emergency Warblers’ meeting. At the meeting, Blaine tells the council of his intentions to sing a love song to his crush. Kurt believes that Blaine must have feelings for him and pushes for the public declaration, swaying the Warblers into allowing the live performance. When the proposal is accepted, Kurt is utterly shocked and disappointed when Blaine tells him that his crush is Jeremiah, an assistant manager at the local Gap store. The Dalton Academy Warblers accompany Blaine to the store to perform a sort of flash mob.

Glee – Blaine and Sam talk about Blaine cheating 4×07

Then, he became very protective of her while she was dating Daonte Sierra. Not only was Lindsey living with Blaine but she was in a relationship with Daonte who never left her alone. Lindsey was just trying to adjust to life on the outside, reconnect with her daughter, Miley, and work.

Is Kurt hummel from glee gay in real life?

At the showcase, Kurt sings I’m Still Here with the whole gang in the audience, plus Burt who is sitting beside Blaine. During his solo, Blaine is seen to be impressed and captivated in awe by his performance. When he finished, Blaine participates in the standing ovations and goes up to congratulate him and attempts and fails to give him a kiss on the cheek, but participates in the group hug. After arriving at an ice skating rink, Kurt is surprised by his gift — Blaine. Blaine asks if Kurt is happy to see him to which Kurt replies that he is. Blaine tells Kurt that Burt told him everything, and that he’ll look after him.

During the scene, we can see Blaine and Kurt getting a coffee together before reuniting with the others. Kurt and Blaine do not interact during this episode, but their engagement is briefly brought up by Sam, Rachel, and Santana. Blaine is excited by Kurt’s acceptance and that he doesn’t worry about how gay marriages work. While Kurt is happy to be engaged to Blaine, he doesn’t plan on pending his entire happiness for marriage, but aims to become a Broadway star. In Artie’s dream, since The New Directions was never established, Kurt never went to spy on the Warblers and never met Blaine. He tells Artie that since he was being bullied so much, he only came to school twice a week and was held back a year.

He had a real backstory, was different from other characters already on the show, wasn’t showing up to fill the spot of someone who had «graduated» and brought some excellent acapella to the program. In the series finale, “Dreams Come True”, after New Directions wins Nationals, Blaine and Kurt leave for New York, with Blaine attending NYU and Kurt returning to NYADA along with a reinstated Rachel. … Rachel, who is married to Jesse, is pregnant with Blaine and Kurt’s child. They arrive at Dalton Academy, where Blaine serenades Kurt with “All You Need Is Love”, accompanied by the four glee clubs, and with Rachel, Santana, Mercedes Jones and Burt in attendance.

When Heigl was young and reckless, she dated a couple of actors who were not as famous, but in 2005 she met someone very special – singer-songwriter and actor Josh Kelly. For the season 4 cheating, it was obviously hypocritical in action and in and of itself, but it wasn’t to Blaine and I’ll explain why. He’s the opposite of most boys in the sense that he show too much intimacy and love. Kurt is like most boys in which he fears it and has trouble showing it.

Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement unless specified. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Are you shocked, after that picture of the truck, that Blaine is okay? Furthermore, are you happy that he and Lindsey are still making it work? Let us know your thoughts and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV. Kurt is older than Blaine and yet, even when he heads off to New York City, Blaine remains at McKinley until he also graduates.

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