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How To Get Cupid Hanzo’s Title And Icon In Overwatch Dating Sim, LOVERWATCH

Alternatively, if you are already logged in to your account before playing Loverwatch Dating Sim, you will not need to log in again. By embarking on your journey of love with Genji and completing his LOVERWATCH story, you will receive a small collection of Valentine’s Day-themed rewards. Here is a list of every reward you will receive after completing Genji’s route. CRYMACHINA‘s Enoa hosts a Hanamaru ASMR live stream. The all-new Lightsaber with amazing features is ready to add some light—and power—to your arsenal.

Genji LOVERWATCH Rewards

Here’s everything you need to know aboutif you can romance Hanzo in LOVERWATCH. Once you’ve selected Mercy, the next option you’ll want to select isLove-struck; it is a dating sim, after all. After selecting this option from the menu, you’ll be graced with an appearance fromCupid Hanzo, who will try to give you advice and aid you in winning over Mercy for your happy ever after. To confirm, Cupid will ask,‘Now tell me, are you in love? Each romance route only takes about 30-minutes, so it’s all fairly quick to finish.

Overwatch’s dating sim is live and available to play right now through for anyone who might not have other Valentine’s Day plans. Even if you do, the site will remain live until February 28, giving you the chance to chat up Mercy and Genji and try to discover all of the easter eggs hidden in the sim. Just remember again, as Blizzard can’t stress this enough, nothing you experience in Loverwatch is a part of the Overwatch canon. Here is the guide for the correct answers to Genji’s route in the Loverwatch Valentine’s Day dating sim for Overwatch 2, which was originally teased in the Season 3 trailer. Secret Hanzo EndingI don’t know what to say, except…You were my soulmate all along I couldn’t ask for a better wingman than you. If navigate away from the website after unlocking the Cupid Hanzo secret ending, be sure to save your game first.

Now that Overwatch 2 is finally out in the wild and the pressure of launching the game has somewhat evaporated, here’s hoping the devs have more time to work on stuff like this. Blizzard EntertainmentBased on the screenshots Blizzard sent over in advance, it looks strangermeetup com like Loverwatch nails the aesthetic of a dating sim. The characters are front and center and you’ll be able to woo them at locations based on Overwatch maps. For romancing all three characters, players will get Lovey Dovey Mercy, Cupid, and Genji player icons.

This moment is vital to get to your ending or choice. This time, you’ll have to be bold and introduce yourself as Mercy’s date. I’m Angela’s Date.” Ana will be polite and respectfully leave you both alone. You can tell her “Has anyone ever told you you’re smart and hilarious?

Overwatch 2 players have the chance to romance their favorite charcters in the Loverwatch Dating Sim. Heroes in Arcade Mode now have googly eyes on their face and that’s just the update’s surface. On Overwatch 2’s patch notes, you can see that each Hero’s abilities are quite drastically altered. For example, Tanks gain 10% faster Ultimate charge, but the killing blow on a Tank also gives significant Ultimate charge.

How to get Overwatch 2 dating sim secret ending

This involves successfully wooing both Genji and Mercy, which is done by choosing the correct dialogue choices. Alternatively, players can get the highlight intro by purchasing the Cupid Hanzo bundle . That’s exactly what Zenyatta references in his Loverwatch cameo. “How sad is it that the only place you can get Zenyatta content these days is the explicitly non-canon dating sim and that one short story? Last but not least, for now, if you’re a Genji main, you don’t even need to play Loverwatch to get roasted. The trailer for the sim below ends with a dig at those who use the hero and spam “I need healing” for the entire match.

How to Play Overwatch 2 Loverwatch Dating Sim

The next set of choices doesn’t influence the ending, so you can choose which one you like the most, like the fist bump. Zenyatta then proceeds to embarrass Genji and talk about his struggles. And will quickly excuse himself, leaving you alone with Genji. He asks you, do you think it’s possible to know your true self? You must then choose the answer, I’m not sure, but you can try.

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To begin your journey of love alongside Genji, you will need to head toLoverwatch.ggto load up the game. Overwatch players can also earn an exclusive Hanzo Cupid intro by unlocking the secret ending of the Loverwatch story. This can be done by completing two playthroughs where you romance Mercy in one and Genji in the other. While the game has a serious, competitive side to it, there are also opportunities to have fun. For Valentine’s Day, an Overwatch 2 dating sim titled Loverwatch was released.

Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day season, and Overwatch 2 is celebrating the arrival of an entirely new feature with their limited-time Valentine’s dating sim game, LOVERWATCH. Look no further if you want to complete Mercy’s route and earn her LOVERWATCH rewards. Here’s everything you need to know abouthow to romance Mercy in LOVERWATCH. I’ll be honest, I love it when developers release slightly unhinged parody games that gently poke fun of their more serious titles. Loverwatch falls into this category, as it allows you to woo the distinctly awkward but extremely popular heroes, Genji and Mercy. And if you’re charming enough, you might even get a few icons, titles, and highlight intros for your trouble.

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