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Saturday Of The Fourth Week In Ordinary Time February 04, 2023 Liturgical Calendar

A committee appointed to make plans for the observance of the Grand Lodge’s 50th Anniversary planned an event in Omaha with speeches on the purposes of the fraternity and the history of Masonry in Nebraska. Other activities included a street parade and another meeting and a banquet the following day. The Grand Custodian held 40 Schools of Instruction across the state with three days in each location and three sessions a day. A committee of 15 was appointed to develop plans to celebrate the semi-centennial of the Grand Lodge. The Grand Master reported that the only menace in the jurisdiction was from “commercialism” in the lodges.

Of that amount, $225 was returned by the Masonic Flood Committee of Cincinnati. A request from the commissioner of Public Lands and Buildings to lay the cornerstone of a new capitol building was accepted. A public procession of Nebraska Masons, followed by other societies and Lincoln citizens, paraded to the site, where Past Grand Master and former Governor Robert W. Furnas provided an oration. A Quarter-Centennial Celebration was held in Omaha September 23, 1882. At a table lodge, it was noted that all Past Grand Masters, except Frank Welch, were living. Following several toasts and responses, it was decided that a bottle of wine be sealed that night to be opened at the 50th anniversary of the Grand Lodge.

Wilson presented the badge to Pershing because the general attended the awarding of his 50-year badge in 1931 and spoke at the event. It was noted that this was probably the first time the brother who conferred the degrees also presented a 50-year badge to the same brother. The Proceedings stated that Pershing was the first general commissioned by the United States who was a Master Mason, and the fourth general commissioned by the government of the United States . Visits by the Grand Master or his representative were suggested by the Committee on Finance to lodges delinquent in paying dues. In addition, the committee advised that an audit be made at the visit.

And, The Nebraska Masonic Home Foundation was activated after it received exempt status from the IRS. With acceptance of changes in the bylaws, the responsibilities of the Grand Secretary were significantly fun2lite com changed from administrative in the Grand Lodge office to the honors of a Grand Lodge officer. The recommendations of a committee, charged to revise the Monitor and Ceremonies for Nebraska, were approved.

Two-thirds of the lodges in the state replied showing 55 orphans in the state and 323 children of Masons with just one living parent. In response to a request for an “unofficial opinion,” the Grand Master said it was his opinion the Grand Lodge would not permit a lodge to meet in a hall over a moving picture theater where shows were offered on Sundays. The Committee on Jurisprudence held its opinion to review the decision and report at the next Annual Communication. Reports from the Grand Custodian said that Schools of Instruction were poorly attended. The Grand Master suggested he discontinue the schools in April, which was done. Arrangements were then made to hold special schools for officers-elect at several sites in Nebraska.

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While attending the Imperial Session of the Shrine, the Grand Master joined the Colorado Grand Master in laying the cornerstone for the Public Library in Pueblo, Colorado. The Grand Master and line officers also joined the Kansas Grand Master and line officers in Mankato, Kansas, in laying a cornerstone. The first “dry-run” of the Child Identification Program was held in Nebraska during 2004 for high school students participating in the Masonic All-Star Marching Band. It was followed by events in Norfolk, South Sioux City, Plattsmouth, Columbus and Imperial. The Nebraska Masonic Foundation provided $25,000 to assist in purchasing cameras and other equipment needed to conduct the events.

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His recommendation passed that the funds be kept in separate accounts, and that the Grand Secretary be prohibited from holding any position with any other organization that involves handling money. He added that the Grand Lodge office would not be used for any purpose not directly connected with Grand Lodge business. W∴B∴ Charles Amidon, president of the Master and Wardens Club of Omaha, reported the group spent $2,000 each Christmas to give residents of the Masonic-Eastern Star Home for Children and The Nebraska Masonic Home what they most wanted.

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He said the greatest social revolution ever place was occurring in the U.S., the role of the family was changing and business had strayed from free enterprise. The Jurisprudence Committee ruled that it was unmasonic to list Masonic membership on political cards and ads but not a violation of Masonic law. Three district meetings were held by the Grand Custodian on the Middle Chamber lecture. Brethren who had given, were then giving or intended to give the lecture were invited. The program provided an explanation of the symbolism and meaning of the ceremony and an analysis of the lecture.

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The Grand Master lamented the practice of each lodge charging dues at different times of the year. The Grand Custodian said he traveled 12,934 miles to hold 82 schools of instruction that were attended by 6,469 brothers. Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 57 in Syracuse was assessed taxes for the second story of a building used exclusively for lodge business. The matter was taken to district court where judgment was in favor of the lodge. The Grand Master, who testified at the hearing, said all lodges should act immediately if they were assessed taxes on their building.

During and after the adoption of Christianity into Roman society, Christian vocabulary became a part of the language, either from Greek or Hebrew borrowings or as Latin neologisms. Continuing into the Middle Ages, Latin incorporated many more words from surrounding languages, including Old English and other Germanic languages. The specific dialects of Latin across Latin-speaking regions of the former Roman Empire after its fall were influenced by languages specific to the regions. The fourth principal part is the supine form, or alternatively, the nominative singular of the perfect passive participle form of the verb.

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