The Importance of Single-Origin Cocoa

The Importance of Single-Origin Cocoa

  • 19 April, 2024
  • Somos Cacao
"Somos Cacao" was born from curiosity, passion, and hearts filled with hope. We firmly believed that believing in something is the first step to making it a reality. We were driven by the adventure of knowledge, the excitement of feeling, and the determination with which we embraced each project.

On our journey, we stumbled upon a path of unexplored greens that led us to the El Porvenir Farm in Norte de Santander, Colombia. This cocoa production unit, abandoned due to security issues, owned by a humble and hardworking family, revealed itself as a space full of potential and possibilities. Here, our mission was born: to offer chocolates with identity, delicious flavor, healthiness, and sustainability.

From day one, we have been dedicated to building a fairer chain. However, we know that our efforts cannot succeed if we ignore the true protagonists of this story: the cocoa producers. We have spoken with each one who arrives, understanding their challenges and aspirations. That's why we are committed to training, fair equitable payment, and creating a community of people who transform quality cocoa into delicious chocolates for the world.

Together, we weave a sweet and sustainable future.

Unique Origin of a Vibrant Frontier:

"Somos Cacao" is part of the most exceptional cocoa in the world. Our cocoa is imbued with history, diversity, flavors, fragrances of flowers, and the majesty of the mountains. Each bean pulsates with passion, smiles, and the tireless energy of those who cultivate it. But above all, our cocoa is distinguished by its unparalleled quality.

We don't need to add artificial flavors or fragrances. It's pure cocoa, with identity and a unique origin. "Somos Cacao" emerges from the forests, from the Maracaibo basin, among the mountains. There, where the land is laden with minerals and magic, our beans acquire flavors and aromas that transcend the ordinary.

We are more than a company; we are guardians of identity and origin. We strive to preserve nature while creating a better world. We invite you to try it for yourself. Each bite is a tribute to the passion and commitment we put into each cocoa bean.

Maracaibo Basin:

It is a place full of history, mystery, and natural wealth. Here, a very special phenomenon occurs between the sister countries Colombia and Venezuela: "The Catatumbo Lightning." Almost 365 days a year, this lightning illuminates Lake Maracaibo, being the only place in the world where it occurs with such frequency. Electrical storms generate a high amount of ozone, creating a unique environment.

The Maracaibo Basin is crossed by rivers like the Catatumbo, whose tributaries originate in the Andes Mountains and the Perijá Range. These mountains act as natural barriers to oceanic winds, creating a special environment.

Additionally, the region is home to nearly 20% of the world's bird fauna. By gravity, everything within the Maracaibo Basin reaches Lake Maracaibo, forming a rich natural biota rich in minerals, salts, flowers, and species.

The cocoa we cultivate comes from this land rich in nutrients, flavors, and natural aromas. Indigenous peoples valued cocoa seeds as currency and sacred drink during the conquest. All this history and evolution adds value to the origin cocoa.
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