Here's where the magic begins: In cocoa cultivation, every day is an exciting challenge. It requires meticulous attention and a dedicated heart throughout the entire process. What could be fairer than creating value and rescuing the history of each cocoa-growing family? Recognizing their unique identity and tireless work is our duty.

How can we achieve this? By buying chocolates that have deep traceability, those that understand the essence and origin. And, of course, let's pay fair prices for the highest quality cocoa beans.

Together, we can make every bite of chocolate a tribute to the passion and commitment of those who cultivate it!
Importance of implementing traceability systems in the agricultural supply chain of cocoa

  • Lograr un nivel de seguridad en protección de la vida y la salud de las personas.
  • Proporciona información para facilitar el control de procesos y la gestión en el desarrollo de los productos finales.
  • Contribuye al aseguramiento de la calidad y la certificación del cacao.

From Cocoa to Chocolate

Harvesting: Our COCOAS begin in the Forest. They are harvested at the right moment, preserving the high quality of the cocoa.

Shelling: We separate the cocoa seed from the cocoa shell. It is at this moment that we obtain the cocoa nib.

Fermentation: It is in this phase that cocoa develops its flavors and expels unwanted acids, ensuring that the COCOA has an unforgettable taste.

Drying: The drying stage "dries" the cocoa, but in a positive way, as the loss of moisture ensures the perfect texture of our cocoa beans. It is a process of dedication and commitment to obtain the best.

Bean Selection: We separate them into three sizes and conduct quality tests.

Roasting: Based on the quality analysis and fermentation results, we decide the roasting curve we apply, and it is here, during roasting, that the flavors that began to develop during fermentation are defined.

Grinding: In this phase, we obtain cocoa liquor. The liquor is nothing more than a mass that will originate cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate.

Refining: Here we make the cocoa mass very fine, smaller than a grain of sand, ensuring that our delight melts in the mouth as it should.

Conching: This is the phase of the process that requires the most time. Here we add the final ingredients to the recipe, and the mass is beaten until it is creamy enough to enjoy.

Our Products

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